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The Battle To Eat Health At Work

by Be Healthy News

Food Available At Work Is Often High in Calories and Low in Nutrition, Study Finds.

Is your workplace making it hard for you to follow a healthy diet?

A new study finds nearly a quarter of employed adults get food and beverages at work at least once a week. And in general, these offerings are not in line with the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

According to the researchers, foods and beverages available at work are often high in calories, refined grains, added sugars, and sodium.

On average participants in the study obtained nearly 1,300 calories a week from products purchased in vending machines or at the company cafeteria… given away free in common areas or at workplace social events.

The authors say improving the nutritional quality of foods consumed at work can be a key component in efforts to reduce chronic illnesses like heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer..

The lead CDC investigator says , “One way to do this is by incorporating food service guidelines and healthy meeting policies into worksite wellness efforts.”

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